June 2020

What is there to say about June? Well, not much, but here it is:

  • Absolutely totally working from home -- Have removed all planned work trips from my various calendars. It looks like there won't be any work-related travel for the rest of the year. 🤔
  • General funk -- No, I'm not talking about the musical kind ... everything is just meh, or worse. 😞
  • End of the school year -- The school year ended on a rather strange note. Let's just say that remote learning was less than ideal. Sure, the whole thing came about rather abruptly, and teachers did what they could. But it was definitely not a great experience. Let's see what the Fall semester brings.
  • Start of summer vacation -- For the teenager in the house, summer vacation has officilly begun. We had lots of plans, but they all went out the window with COVID. So now we don't quite know what to do.
  • Protests -- By June 13 there have been protests in over 2,000 cities! Even here in Greensboro, there have been protests for several days and nights. Maybe things will finally change. The systematic racism in the U.S. is not only holding the country back, it's dragging it down! We have to fix this! And pretending like this is not a problem makes it much worse.

Short version: June -- more of the same, and not necessarily in a good way ... lots of protests everywhere ... really hate COVID!