About Me

Who am I? ... in 30 seconds or less :)

My name is Martin. I'm an opinionated and thoroughly caffeinated technology wonk. A lifelong geek and builder of web applications since the very very very early days of the interwebs (remember dial-up?). Am often seen at local coffee shops thinking analog with pen and paper, connecting dots, and designing systems.

An urban street art connoisseur and multilingual Scandinavian transplant. A cultural chameleon with experiences from three continents and able to hit the ground running virtually anywhere. A road warrior and world traveler always looking for the perfect bowl of Pho!

What's this blog about?

I like to write and I like to code and this blog serves both purposes. Here I post observations, musings, and rants ... and in no particular order. I also use this blog as a platform for various demos that I build to learn new technologies and techniques.