Photo by Nihal A

August 2020

It's now August in North Carolina and it's quite unpleasant. Can't wait for Fall! In other news: I have now lived here in The States for 30 years ... makes me feel old just typing that. Oh ... and we should ahve been in Europe visiting friends and family and celebrate my mother's birthday. But this little thing called COVID messed that up as well. In fact, it turns out that as Americans we can't really travel anywhere. In fact, as North Carolinian we're not even allowed to travel to New York and other North East States. 😞

So, here is August:

  • 30 years in America -- Let's just say that the "celebration" was a quiet affair. Who would have thought in 1990 that 2020 would turn out to be such a cluster of a year?! 🤔
  • Work, work, work -- Not particulraly fun right now ... but it pays the bills. 😞
  • Side projects -- I'm learning some new (to me) programnming stuff and that keeps me somewhat sane. Turns out this old dog can still learn more tricks! 🤓
  • Mother's birthday -- This was a big one ... or should have been, rather. We were suppoosed to all meet up somewhere in Europe and celebrate, but that obvioulsy had to be cancelled. So we did the 2020 thing - video call ... and no, it's not quite the same as actually traveling to Europe. 😞

Short version: August -- important events that fizzled due to COVID. Hot and humid summer weather.