July 2020

Here we go again. Another unremarkable month. It's getting really hot and humid, but not much else. Soon the recap of the month will be something along the lines of "see previous month" ... but we're not there yet 😉

So, here is July:

  • Working from home ... of course -- Lots of unnecessary stress due mostly to poor planning. And no, it's not all my fault. In fact, in this particular case, I'm the victim! Just sayin' 😉
  • More funk -- And no, I'm still not talking about the musical kind ... things are just meh, or worse 😞
  • Poison Ivy and Poison Oak -- Found out the hard way that I'm really allergic to Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. It took 9 days of steroids to get back to semi-normal. The rash still looks terrible, but at least the crazy itching has stopped.
  • Why is it so hot? -- Summer in North Carolina .... so damn hot and humid 🥵

Short version: July -- even more of the same, and definitely not in a good way ... really hate the heat, humidity, poison ivy, poison oak, and COVID!