Photo by Lukas Lada

November 2020

Even more work. Election craze is boiling over and won't go away! Thanksgiving came and went. Taking days off here and there. Days are much shorter. 😐

So, here is November:

  • Election -- I'm so glad it's over. Of course, this year it doesn't seem to be over, but it's dragging on. 😐
  • Thanksgiving -- It was just us, and way too much (and great) food! 🙂
  • Exercise -- I'm getting addicted. And yes, I'll need to keep this up given how much food we're about to eat over the next few months. 🙂
  • Leaves -- We have a lot of trees in our yard ... and now we have tons of leaves on the ground. Tons! But it seems half are still on the trees. How is that possible? How much more is there? ... ugh! 😐
  • More COVID -- This is getting worse ... as predicted. 😞

Short version: November -- election craze (somewhat behind us), holiday season kicking off, trying to squeeze in vacation days, so much work, even shorter days.