October 2020

More rain. Less heat. Tons of work. Even more work. Another birthday. Another Halloween. A day off here and there ... or maybe it was just one day? I can't remember. All days are the same.😐

So, here is October:

  • Birthday -- A minimal affair. Brunch with friends. I'm definitely getting older, but I'm not sure about the "getting wiser" part. 😉
  • Even more rain -- We had a few storms, but nothing too spectacular. Previous years have been worse. 🙂
  • Exercise -- I'm easily running 5K a few times a week on my elliptical, and I've been exercising 4-5 times per week for months now. Getting up 5:30ish every day ... 6:30ish on weekends. I used to be a night owl, but now my day has shifted around. I'm also sleeping more and better. That's probably a silver lining of this COVID mess. 🙂
  • Bulging laptop battery -- I noticed one day that my Macbook Pro laptop lid wouldn't close properly. Usually this beast runs wid closed lid, and I normally never think about it. Turns out Apple support got so worried when I called them that they said to turn of the laptop and not turn it back on, but rather take it in for service right away. Uhm ... ok. I did that, of course. It turns outthat the battery had swollen so that it pushed up the trackpad and deformed the aluminum frame around the keyboard (which is why the lid would close properly). The battery even made the bottom of the laptop bulge so much, that the little rubber feet couldn't touch the table ... oops! 😞

Short version: October -- beginning of fall, work, work, work, more rain, shorter days. Another subdued birthday, Marathon Man (not quite), and near death experience with swollen laptop battery (well, maybe not near-death ... but still, there was (manufactured) drama!