September 2020

Labor Day came and went. We had a few days off which felt great. We had brunch with friends, and we visited the NC Art Museum in Raleigh, which was very nice. 🙂

So, here is September:

  • Labor Day -- A long weekend and an extra day off gave me a much-needed break from work. Hm ... this vacation thing really works! I should try this more often 😉
  • NC Museum of Art -- The NCMA is a great art museum, and it's finally open again. Yay! It was a lot of fun to visit again.
  • Less heat and more rain -- It seems that the worst of the hot and humid summer is finally over, and the days are more tolerable. 🙂
  • Remote school -- The teenager is back in school. Actually, she's back doing Zoom sessions as we're still doing remote "learning" for at least the next 2 months ... hm 🤔
  • New windows -- We decided to replace the last of our old painted-shut windows. Yay! We can finally open all windows in this old house. Next up: painting the house, renovating kitchen, basement, and on and on ... this never ends. 😞

Short version: September -- end of summer, learning via Zoom, new windows, more rain and less heat. But we can finally go to some art museums!