Last Day of the Year

Martin Lanser

It's been a long year. A very long year! So much has happened. So much has changed. And yet so many things never got done. So many many things still on my ever-growing to-do and want-to-do and am-definitely-going-to-do lists. But I think I'm finally getting a better focus.

I've had this blog since ... well, it seems like forever. But, up until now, I've not been able to "find" time to write. Of course, the time has always been there, but I didn't give "writing" the priority it deserves.

In fact, this applies to pretty much everything that I want to do. If there is time to watch TV, or aimlessly wander the interwebs, how can there not be time to write, or code, or whatever.

So for 2018 I will have only one New Year's Resolution: make time for what is important!

Photo by Kristopher Roller

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