An Ode to Napping

Martin Lanser

I love napping. A short nap in the afternoon. Or that nap on a lazy weekend. Especially that quick 15 minute nap on a stressful Tuesday.

It's interesting that I often feel more refreshed after a short nap, than after a night's sleep. Of course, I may just be imagining this. But the fact remains, a quick nap can have an amazing effect. The point, though, is to take short nap. I have found that if I nap for more than 30 minutes, I'll instead be groggy and even worse off.

The exact cut-off point is likely to vary between individuals. But there is definitely a point after which a nap has the opposite effect. And quite a few conversations with friends, lots of experimenting on my own -- yes, I think I'm a professional napper! -- and cursory research on the Interwebs seem to confirm this.

Now ... please! ... let me close my eyes for a quick 15 minutes and my brain will be clear and I'll be ready to take on the next world crisis! Ok, that may have been an exaggeration — I’d probably need another cup of coffee as well for that ;-)

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